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Analyze, save, and process various geographic data
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gvSIG desktop is a powerful software solution used by specialists to capture, store, analyze, and deploy various geographic data with the scope of solving difficult management and planning tasks.
It comes wrapped in a standard GUI, comprised of a content area, menu tabs, and a toolbar for command shortcuts. There are numerous options available inside the menus, but none of them for customizing the appearance.

What is impressive about gvSIG desktop is the high number of embedded features and the wide range of possibilities they cover. One of these features is Jaspersoft integration, a tool used for generating reports that is now a built-in feature. In gvSIG desktop you'll find a topology framework to help users increase the cartographic information and a tool for capturing coordinates and copy-paste them into other applications.

Furthermore, users have quick access to snapping tools and drawing tools that allow them to draw geometric figures and create unique drawings.

To sum it up, gvSIG desktop is a reliable software utility for processing geographic data and solving planning problems. It lacks digital image processing and has limited options for changing the tables' layout fields, but you can't ask that much from a free product.

John Saunders
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  • Embeds a report generator
  • Has a topology framework
  • Can capture coordinates


  • Lacks digital image processing
  • Has limited options for layout fields
  • Misses theme customizations
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